In the late 70s, my interest in astronomy was triggered by a glimpse at Saturn through a small telescope of a neighbour. My parents were afraid of me becoming a nerd, and tried their best to prevent that, without much success, though :-). Observing the planets became a focus for me, and in the early 80s, I finally got a 90mm refractor which allowed me to see some more details than just tiny bright stuctureless flickering discs. In that time, I also took part twice in the legendary IAYCs (International Astronomical Youth Camps). Anyone out there who remembers them ? But soon my interest in astronomy decreased and finally fell asleep for over 30 years. Recently, I started again looking at the planets. Now, in the era of digital imaging and processing, things have changed dramatically, one spends more time in front of the computer than behind the telescope. So for me personally, its a strange combination of going back to my roots and exploring a new field of activity at the same time.

ImageInfo FireCapture Plugin

When capturing videos of planets for later stacking and postprocessing, finding a precise -or at least acceptable - focus is still one of the most difficult parts for me. Therefore, I developed a small plugin for the -->FireCapture planetary capture tool, which provides some helpful data for focusing and maybe other tasks. More info about the plugin and the download link can be found -->here
Thanks to Torsten not only for writing the great FireCapture program, but also for providing the plugin interface which makes this possible !
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